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Laminated Post and Fencing System

GenLam® posts are technically crafted to give you an engineered, high performing solid timber post and beautifully crafted timber palings to accompany your unique fence or pergola. GenLam® H4 GL8 posts have a quality finish, ready to add your own creative painted touch to. Micropro® treated assures you and your family a safe alternative to previous treatment alternatives.

Key Features


Suitable fasteners to use with MicroPro® treated products  include stainless steel and hot dipped galvanised nails. Note: In seaspray and geothermal zones ensure all specified fasteners and fixings comply with the environmental exposure.


KLC GenLam® posts are manufactured in accordance with the following New Zealand and Australian standards: 

Timber Finger Joints in Structure Products certified to AS 5068 Service Class 3 Glue Laminated Structural Timber certified to AS/NZS 1328

Assure Quality Timber Treatment Programme. The posts are treated with MicroPro® H4. MicroPro® is approved APVMA, AS/NZS 1604 Series, NZS 3640 and NZ EPA.


Apply two coats of a premium exterior grade top coat. Top coat colours should have a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 45 or higher, as dark colours can encourage resin bleed and distortion leading to cracking and premature paint failure. Paint must be applied as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.



GenLam® Fence System Components


GenLam® Fence System

H4 Posts
88 x 88
GLam 88x88 MPro® H4 PP 1.8M
GLam 88x88 MPro® H4 PP 2.4M
GLam 88x88 MPro® H4 PP 3.0M
GLam 88x88 MPro® H4 PP 3.6M
GLam 88x88 MPro® H4 PP 4.2M
GLam 88x88 MPro® H4 PP 4.8M
GLam 88x88 MPro® H4 PP 5.4M
GLam 88x88 MPro® H4 PP 6.0M
112 x 112
GLam 112x112 MPro® H4 PP 1.8M
GLam 112x112 MPro® H4 PP 2.4M
GLam 112x112 MPro® H4 PP 3.0M
GLam 112x112 MPro® H4 PP 3.6M
GLam 112x112 MPro® H4 PP 4.2M
GLam 112x112 MPro® H4 PP 4.8M
GLam 112x112 MPro® H4 PP 5.4M
GLam 112x112 MPro® H4 PP 6.0M
135 x 135
GLam 135x135 MPro® H4 PP 1.8M
GLam 135x135 MPro® H4 PP 2.4M
GLam 135x135 MPro® H4 PP 3.0M
GLam 135x135 MPro® H4 PP 3.6M
GLam 135x135 MPro® H4 PP 4.2M
GLam 135x135 MPro® H4 PP 4.8M
GLam 135x135 MPro® H4 PP 5.4M
GLam 135x135 MPro® H4 PP 6.0M
180 x 180
GLam 180x180 MPro® H4 PP 1.8M
GLam180x180 MPro® H4 PP 2.4M
GLam 180x180 MPro® H4 PP 3.0M
GLam 180x180 MPro® H4 PP 3.6M
GLam 180x180 MPro® H4 PP 4.2M
GLam 180x180 MPro® H4 PP 4.8M
GLam 180x180 MPro® H4 PP 5.4M
GLam 180x180 MPro® H4 PP 6.0M
Post Stockist
H3.2 Bottom Rail
RailCR GLam 90x40 MPro® H4 PP 5.4M (Closed)
RailOR GLam 90x42 MPro® H4 PP 5.4M (Open)
H3.2 Capping
BVCap GLam 65x43 MPro® H4 PP 5.4M Bevel Cap
D4S GLam 40x18 MPro H3.2 PP 5.4M
H3.2 Palings - also available in H4
Shiplap 90 x 18
Shiplap GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.2M
Shiplap GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.5M
Shiplap GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.8M
Shiplap GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.1M
Shiplap GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.4M
Shiplap 135 x 18
Shiplap GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.2M
Shiplap GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.5M
Shiplap GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.8M
Shiplap GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.1M
Shiplap GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.4M
D4S 90 x 18
D4SPR GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.2M
D4SPR GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.5M
D4SPR GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.8M
D4SPR GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.1M
D4SPR GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.4M
D4S 135 x 18
D4SPR GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.2M
D4SPR GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.5M
D4SPR GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.8M
D4SPR GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.1M
D4SPR GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.4M
TG&V 90 x 18
TG&V GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.2M
TG&V GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.5M
TG&V GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.8M
TG&V GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.1M
TG&V GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.4M
TG&V 135 x 18
TG&V GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.2M
TG&V GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.8M
TG&V GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.1M
TG&V GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.4M
T&G 90 x 18
T&G GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.2M
T&G GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.5M
T&G GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.8M
T&G GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.1M
T&G GLam 90x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.4M
T&G 135 x 18
T&G GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.2M
T&G GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 1.8M
T&G GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.1M
T&G GLam 135x18 MPro® H3.2 PP 2.4M


The timber used is 100% New Zealand Radiata Pine sourced from renewable, plantation forestry.
KLC is a Chain of Custody, FSC® Certified Company. Ask about our KLC range of FSC® Certified Products.