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The Company

A brief history

The Kaingaroa State Forest was first planted in the late 1920’s and grew to be the largest Forest in the North Island, and the largest plantation in the southern hemisphere.

KLC manufactures and distributes a range of precision-made timber building materials sourced from sustainable forestry, and processed with equal regard to environmental sustainability through raw material selection and safe innovative treatment solutions. The timber used for our quality products is sourced from New Zealand Radiata Pine.

In the late 1980’s the NZ Government decided to sell the State Forests and to disband the NZ Forest Service.

KLC Limited was started in 1997 and is based at Kaingaroa Village, 50 kilometres south east of Rotorua, on what was the site of the  NZ Forest Service Workshops.

Timber Treatment and Re-manufacture

KLC started as a kiln drying operation and quickly progressed into being one of New Zealand’s largest and most innovative timber treatment and re-manufacturing operations producing high quality weatherboards, fascia and dressed boards.

KLC’s loyal staff are key to the success of the operation. The combined knowledge and experience of KLC’s staff, ensure that KLC produces timber products that are of a high quality and are fit for purpose.

KLC has a significant presence in the NZ market for products ranging from Finger Jointed and Blanks to our Generation II® range of Dressed Boards, Fascia and Weatherboards.

KLC also exports to Australia, Asia, the US and Europe.


What makes KLC tick


To bring honesty ("call it as we see it"), integrity and stability to the NZ pine industry to the extent that staff, customers and suppliers’ businesses and lives are enhanced working for and with KLC.


To manufacture superior premium products that add value to NZ Pine that: MERCHANTS want to stock, BUILDERS/SPECIFIERS ask for by brand, HOME-OWNERS recommend to family and friends, ARCHITECTS prefer for their clients, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and SHAREHOLDERS seek for short term profitability and long term value.


Work for, with and beside each other. Respect ourselves, each other and the company.

He tangata, he tangata, he tangata (it is people, it is people, it is people)




The materials sourced to manufacture KLC products have environmental regard, including:

New Zealand radiata pine, sourced from renewable, plantation forestry. KLC is a Chain of Custody, FSC® Certified Company. Wood is our most sustainable raw material. As a building material its benefits are unparalleled. Wood results in far less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere than competing building products. Growing forests absorb carbon dioxide (CO²) from the atmosphere and by choosing wood over other products we reduce the amount of CO² emissions. Forests and wood fight global climate change. KLC is committed to environmental stewardship through the selection and use of all our raw materials, including our primary resource – wood. 

Henkel’s Purbond® adhesive system is part of the world’s first and only polyurethane adhesive system to pass all tests required for ANSI/AITC 405-2008 certification – the glulam standard. As a result, manufacturers and end users can be assured of process, economic, and sustainable benefits of a one-component, polyurethane adhesive system. Purbond® technology aligns with the KLC philosophy of environmental regard, with a solvent system that is both formaldehyde and solvent free.

Download Henkel’s Purbond Datasheet

MicroPro®, used in KLC Generation 2 is a Micronised Copper Azole and conforms to the requirements of NZS3640. It is approved by the Ministry of Industry, Employment & Innovation (formerly Department of Building & Housing).

MicroPro® treatment technology is a water-based treatment system using micronised copper compounds with minimal leaching and is US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognised. Copper based treatment systems have a long and proven history in timber treatment and, with the introduction of a micronised copper delivery in a water-borne system, delivers treatment efficacy in an environmentally sustainable way. Environmental sustainability is demonstrated in low leaching of treatment preservatives from the timber; low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) noticeable with solvent treatment systems; and the award of the GREENGUARD Children and Schools’ Certification from the Greenguard® Environmental Institute.

MicroPro® Environmental Certification

Check/download our MicroPro® Certificates here under the Koppers MicroPro® tab.