KLC - H3.2 Treated Timber Weatherboards Fascia :: Generation 2



H3.2 Exterior Cladding Systems

Weatherboards, Fascia, Box Corners, Scribers, Finishing Boards D4S and Cavity Battens

The experience of our primary staff saw a desperate need for an H3.2 exterior cladding system in the building sector. So we developed our Generation 2 exterior product range to meet such a need.

The MicroPro® (MCA) H3.2 treatment is applied to the wood using a high pressure treatment process. This allows deep penetration into the wood fibres allowing a 100% uptake of the treatment chemical.

We know you will enjoy using a 50-year-treatment-warrantied product on your home or your clients' home as much as we have enjoyed bringing an H3.2 100% treated product to the market. 


The timber used is 100% NZ Radiata Pine sourced from renewable, plantation forestry. KLC is a chain of custody, FSC® certified company. Ask about our KLC range of FSC® certified products.


The timber blocks are finger jointed together with Henkel’s Loctite Purbond adhesive system to a range of lengths.

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The innovative treatment technology MicroPro® is used to protect timber from termites, borer and fungal decay. Arsenic and Chromium free.

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Kiln Dried

The treated timber is kiln-dried to a specific moisture content. It is stabilized and enhanced when re-dried after treatment


Timber is moulded to various weatherboards, fascia, boxed corners, cavity batten, scriber and D4S patterns.


A two coat, superior alkyd priming system supplied by PPG, is applied and provides good water resistance.

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The Timber Treatment


Koppers MicroPro® (MCA) Wood Treatment Technology
The MicroPro® (MCA) Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) based preservative system protects wood products from insects, termites and fungal decay and is manufactured by Koppers Performance Chemicals. The preservative contains a mixture of micronised copper carbonate (copper) and tebuconazole (azole).

Environmental Certifications
The MicroPro® (MCA) treatment system is a water-borne, copper-based biocide preservative system with four Environmental Certifications.

SCS logo.jpg

1. Scientific Certification Systems
MicroPro® (MCA) is the first treated wood process to be EPP (Environmentally Preferable Product) certified by Scientific Certification Systems based on a life cycle assessment. As the leader in green building product certification since 1990, SCS was the first company to offer manufacturers a program for verifying the accuracy of environmental claims on products.

Greenguard UL.JPG

2. Greenguard® Environmental Institute
MicroPro® (MCA) is environmentally sustainable, this is demonstrated in low leaching of treatment preservatives from the timber, low volatile organic compound (VOCs) emissions and the award of the GREENGUARD Children and Schools’ Certification from the Greenguard® Environmental Institute.


3. Global GreenTag International - GreenRate™
MicroPro® (MCA) Wood Treatment Technology has received a Global GreenTag GreenRate™ Level A award under Version 4.0 of the Global GreenTag International Product Certification Standard. It is the highest level achievement for a product under Global GreenTag's GreenRate™ product rating system – declared by the certification body as 'Fit-for-Purpose' and confirmed for Green Building compliance.

GGT-Health Tags_CMYK_Gold Health.jpg

4. Global GreenTag International - Health Declaration
The GreenTag™ Product Health Declaration proves that Koppers MicroPro® (MCA) Wood Treatment Technology is safe for human health (and ecosystems) and can be used with absolute peace of mind in workplace and residential building projects. Reducing risks for Building, Design and Procurement Professionals whilst supporting the user and occupant's health and wellbeing compared to products that don't.

Micropro Warranty Stamp.svg

50 Years Treatment Warranty
When correctly installed in the intended situation for the specified Hazard Class, a service life of 50 years or more is expected. MicroPro® (MCA) micronized copper azole preservatives are approved for use in New Zealand and Australia, and the required preservative retentions and penetration are specified in the relevant preservative standards NZS3640 and AS/NZS 1604 Series.





Weatherboard Profiles - 6.3m lengths

135x18BBWB dimensions.svgBevelback KLC61
135RebatedBBWB dimensions.svgRebated Bevelback KLC63
142BBWB dimensions.svgBevelback KLC142BB
142RebatedBBWB dimensions.svgRebated Bevelback KLC142RB
180x18BBWB dimensions.svgBevelback KLC180BB
187BBWB dimensions.svgBevelback KLC62
215 BBWB dimensions.svgBevelback KLC215BB
230 BBWB dimensions.svgBevelback KLC230BB

Vertical Shiplap

Weatherboard Profiles - 6.3m lengths

135BevelShiplapWB-dimensions.svgBev Edge Vertical Shiplap KLC51
135GrooveBevelShiplapWB dimensions.svgBev Edge Vertical Shiplap Grooved KLC53
135ShiplapWB dimensions.svgSq Edge Vertical Shiplap KLC55
 135GrooveShiplapWB dimensions.svgSq Edge Vertical Shiplap Grooved KLC58
 180BevelShiplapWB dimensions.svgBev Edge Vertical Shiplap KLC52
180DoubleGrooveBevelShiplapWB - dimensions.svgBev Edge Vertical Shiplap Double Grooved KLC57
180DoubleGrooveShiplapWB dimensions.svgSq Edge Vertical Shiplap Double Grooved KLC60
180GrooveBevelShiplapWB dimensions.svgBev Edge Vertical Shiplap Grooved KLC54
180GrooveShiplapWB dimensions.svgSq Edge Vertical Shiplap Grooved KLC59
180ShiplapWB dimensions.svgSq Edge Vertical Shiplap KLC56


Weatherboard Profiles - 6.3m lengths

135 RUSTIC WB dimensions.svgRusticated KLC67
180 RUSTICWB dimensions.svgRusticated KLC68
215 RUSTICWB dimensions.svgRusticated KLC69
230 RUSTICWB dimensions.svgRusticated KLC230R

Vertical Board & Batten

Weatherboard Profiles - 6.3m lengths

65Batten dimensions.svgVertical Batten KLC123
180Board dimensions.svgVertical Batten KLC121

Splay Cut

The splaycut profiles are not covered by the Codemark certificate.

Weatherboard Profiles - 6.3m lengths

142 SplayCut dimensions.svgSplay Cut KLC142SC
142 RebatedSplay dimensions.svgRebated Splay Cut KLC65
188 RebatedSplay dimensions.svgRebated Splay Cut KLC66


Fascia Profiles - 6.3m lengths

18mm Facsias measurements.svg18mm Fascia Widths
29mm Facsias measurements.svg29mm Fascia Widths

D4S Profiles - 6.3m lengths

D4S-measurements.svg18mm D4S Widths

Internal Box Corners Profiles - 5.4m lengths

85x18 Boxed Corner measurements.svg5.4m Lengths
29mm Facsias measurements.svg5.4m Lengths

External Box Corners Profiles - 5.4m lengths

85x18 Boxed Corner measurements.svg5.4m Lengths
Boxed Corner Groove measurements.svg5.4m Lengths

Cavity Batten Profile - 5.4m lengths


Scribers Profiles - 5.4m lengths

scribers-measurements.svg5.4m Lengths