KLC - H3.2 Treated Timber Weatherboards Fascia :: Manufacturing

The Manufacturing Process

KLC manufactures interior and exterior profiled products in FJ patterns and solids. KLC specialises in exterior weatherboards and fascia.

Short lengths of high grade radiata pine are selected and finger-jointed together with structural adhesive in an engineered process, resulting in uniform lengths of timber at 5.4 and 6.3 metres.

The finger jointed lengths are then treated, using the revolutionary MicroPro® (MCA) timber treatment technology and kiln-dried to a pre-determined moisture content.

The timber is then moulded, using sophisticated German engineered machinery to a large range of profile specifications e.g. weatherboard, fascia, D4S, box corners and other mouldings.

To complement these appearance grade products, a 2-coat alkyd priming system is applied, prior to packaging and dispatch.


Our primary resource and the heart of our operation. Wood is our most sustainable raw material. As a building material, its credentials are unparalleled. Wood results in far less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere than competing building products. At KLC we take plantation forestry pine (pinus radiata) and remanufacture it into an engineered timber solution. See the NZ pine story 

Adhesives & Finger Jointing

A process known as Finger Jointing (FJ) is a method of jointing short lengths of wood known as ‘shook’ to create a new, longer, durable and better suited product for manufacture and end use.

Henkel’s Purbond® adhesive system is used to glue these finger jointed lengths together. This adhesive system is part of the world’s first and only polyurethane adhesive system to pass all tests required for ANSI/AITC 405- 2008 certification – the glulam standard. Loctite Purbond® technology aligns with the KLC philosophy of environmental regard, with a solvent system that is formaldehyde-free.

Horizontal Finger Jointing Line Video CombiPact Line Video FSC Certification 


All KLC products are treated to Treated Timber Hazard Class: H3.2 as defined by NZS 3640. Using the MicroPro® preservative system, timber treated to H3.2 is suited for all exterior, above-ground uses, including those for structural applications, such as for pergolas, fences, verandah posts, beams. KLC’s treatment system extends this rating to our weatherboards, fascia and D4S products.

MicroPro® (MCA), is a Micronised Copper Azole and conforms to the requirements of NZS3640. It is approved by the Ministry of Industry, Employment & Innovation (formerly Department of Building & Housing).

Copper-based treatment systems have a long and proven history in timber treatment and, with the introduction of a micronised copper delivery in a water-borne system, delivers treatment efficacy in an environmentally sustainable way. Environmental sustainability is demonstrated in low leaching of treatment chemicals from the timber; low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) noticeable with solvent treatment systems; and the award of the Evergreen Children and Schools’ Certification.

Using MicroPro® (MCA), KLC products carry a treatment warranty of 50 years, far in excess of similar products.


Products are dispatched weekly to merchants and distributors nationwide.
Please contact our KLC Sales Manager about dispatch timing, schedules and volumes.