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The materials sourced to manufacture KLC products have environmental regard, including:

New Zealand radiata pine, sourced from renewable, plantation forestry. KLC is a Chain of Custody, FSC® Certified Company. Wood is our most sustainable raw material. As a building material its benefits are unparalleled. Wood results in far less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere than competing building products. Growing forests absorb carbon dioxide (CO²) from the atmosphere and by choosing wood over other products we reduce the amount of CO² emissions. Forests and wood fight global climate change. KLC is committed to environmental stewardship through the selection and use of all our raw materials, including our primary resource – wood. 

Henkel’s Purbond® adhesive system is part of the world’s first and only polyurethane adhesive system to pass all tests required for ANSI/AITC 405-2008 certification – the glulam standard. As a result, manufacturers and end users can be assured of process, economic, and sustainable benefits of a one-component, polyurethane adhesive system. Purbond® technology aligns with the KLC philosophy of environmental regard, with a solvent system that is both formaldehyde and solvent free.

Download Henkel’s Purbond Datasheet

MicroPro®, used in KLC Generation 2 is a Micronised Copper Azole and conforms to the requirements of NZS3640. It is approved by the Ministry of Industry, Employment & Innovation (formerly Department of Building & Housing).

MicroPro® treatment technology is a water-based treatment system using micronised copper compounds with minimal leaching and is US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognised. Copper based treatment systems have a long and proven history in timber treatment and, with the introduction of a micronised copper delivery in a water-borne system, delivers treatment efficacy in an environmentally sustainable way. Environmental sustainability is demonstrated in low leaching of treatment preservatives from the timber; low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) noticeable with solvent treatment systems; and the award of the GREENGUARD Children and Schools’ Certification from the Greenguard® Environmental Institute.

MicroPro® Environmental Certification

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The timber used is 100% New Zealand Radiata Pine sourced from renewable, plantation forestry.
KLC is a Chain of Custody, FSC® Certified Company. Ask about our KLC range of FSC® Certified Products.